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All-Star Game, Pro Bowl, a Milestone, and Cavs Extend Win Streak

Sitting here watching this NHL All-Star game is great and all seeing all my favorite players, but hearing that horn sound every 30 seconds of game play drives me crazy. You can obviously tell that the players aren’t really playing defense to protect themselves, but that is what makes hockey, hockey. Hockey wouldn’t be fun if the scores were in the teens every night because everyone loves seeing hit after hit and fight after fight. It attracts audiences to watch games in hopes of seeing big checks and fights. I love hockey because of how physical the game is played. Without defense, hockey would be an All-Staresque game with non All-Star talent.

The Pro Bowl game wasn’t much different from that of the NHL All-Star game, in that, there was absolutely no defense. No blitzing other than the 4 down linemen, like who the heck wants to watch football that doesn’t involve blitz schemes?? Now I realize that it is only a Pro Bowl game and not the SuperBowl, but the way to attract fans isn’t by playing wrap-up football. We, as fans, want to see some effort put into some hits, not just nonchalant attempts to bring a guy down. However, one positive thing I will say about the Pro Bowl is the fantasy draft aspect of it. I love the thought of teammates playing against one another in a game because it adds a certain spice that fans are looking for. But I don’t think that it makes up for the lazy tackling and poor effort given by the players, even though they were looking like they were actually playing real football toward the second half.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke earned his 1,000th career win over St.Johns 77-68 Sunday afternoon. His illustrious career began at Army 40 years ago in 1975. He had a record of 73-59 while he was Army, and he went to Duke in 1980 and has jaw dropping record of 927-249 as the coach of Duke. Coach K has also been the head coach of the U.S. basketball team since the early 1990’s. He is definitely one of the best coaches that any sport has ever seen and also one of my favorite coaches to watch.  Coach K is one of the most respected coaches in any sport there is and is a great ambassador for the game of basketball at the collegiate level.

Now the most important topic, at least in my eyes, is the 108-98 Cavs victory over the Thunder. LeBron James led all scorers with 34 points and added 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Dion Waiters made his return to Cleveland Sunday after being traded to OKC earlier in the month. I was interested in his return because of his comments about how he never handled the ball with the Cavs because they were all ball hogs. When you get traded from a team with 3 superstars to a team with 2 superstars and a semi-superstar, are you really expecting to get more touches?? More importantly, the Cavs extended their win streak to 6 games and improve their record to 25-20. The Cavs may not be 1st in the East, but just wait until April rolls around and I guarantee that the Cavs will be in playoff form with LeBron leading the way.

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