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LeBeau And Whisenhunt Reunion?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau parted ways earlier this January when Lebeau resigned. Lebeau was the defensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers for the last 11 years. He created one of the most prolific defenses in the history of the game with unique blitz packages and coverage schemes. The great defensive minded coach said that he wasn’t ready for retirement when he resigned from Pittsburgh. The Arizona Cardinals were a very strong possibility with the departure of Todd Bowles, former defensive coordinator of the Cards. Bruce Arians wanted to reunited with LeBeau, but LeBeau said he didn’t want to go too far from his family, who lives in Cincinnati. The best fit for Lebeau, in relation to distance from his family, would be in Tennessee with Whisenhunt. As a die hard Steeler fan, I would love to see Lebeau retire as a Steeler and not retire with another team. Of course, there haven’t been any real talks between the two and this is merely speculation. If Lebeau did, however, decide to bring his defensive mastermind to Nashville, he would need players who fit in the system he runs. No matter how great the coach is, the coach needs to have talented players to execute the schemes.

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