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Super Bowl Beginnings

As we all know, the coveted Lombardi Trophy will be given to the victor of Sunday’s Super Bowl show down between Seattle and New England. Aside from all the attention of “Deflate Gate” and other typical Super Bowl attention from media day, how did the Super Bowl get its name? Well I’m sure glad you asked! The former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, came up with the name Super Bowl in 1966. He assumed that it would be a better name than the AFL-NFL Championship Game, and boy was he right! Hunt decided to write a letter to Pete Rozelle, the commissioner of the league at the time, and propose this new grandiose idea. The media grabbed a hold of it and the rest is history! However, Hunt derived the name from where a lot of people get their bright ideas; their kids. You may think that he got some big revelation one day about what to call the final showdown between the best two teams, but instead it came from watching his children play with a “Super Ball”. Ideas aren’t usually created out of thin air; they usually accrue inspirations from something or someone and for Hunt it was a bouncy ball his children loved.

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