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Blount’s Happy With New Team

LeGarrette Blount started out 2014 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He accumulated 266 yards in his 11 games with the Steelers as the backup to Le’veon Bell. On November 17th the Steelers played the Titans and Blount was mad that he wasn’t getting more playing time and walked off the field early. The Steelers released him after that game because he was on a very short leash due to other drug related incidents.

Blount was signed by the Patriots days after Pittsburgh released him and he quickly took over the starting job. The Steelers were totally fine with releasing Blount until Bell got injured, but after he got hurt they really wished he was still there. Blount, on the other hand, is pretty satisfied with his new team, being that they are in the Super Bowl.

Blount shied away from the questions that were asked about the Pittsburgh Steelers in his press conference yesterday, but reassured that “Things didn’t work out as planned…, but I’m about to play in the Super Bowl and I don’t have any regrets.” I think that it was the right decision to release Blount from the Steelers because of his attitude. Blount obviously seems happier with New England. I think that Blount, even though he said he didn’t, had some intentions of going to sign with New England after the Steelers released him because he thinks that Bill Belicheck is “the best coach in NFL history.” Blount has always had trouble with the league’s drug policy, but New England continues to give him chance after chance. I am glad we released Blount because I do not want someone like him to represent my Pittsburgh Steelers.

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