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Lynch’s Unprofessional Super Bowl Media Day

Today was Super Bowl media day, and we got to hear and see some interesting things. We heard Rob Gronkowski sing some Katy Perry, and saw Bill Belichick wearing his desert attire of flip flops. We also saw Tom Brady being his calm, cool self, and, his counterpart on Sunday, Russell Wilson be his energetic, outgoing self. However, one press conference that stood out the most was Marshawn Lynch’s childlike responses to the media.

Marshawn Lynch said the phrase, “I’m here so I won’t get fined”, an astounding 29 times to the press who were asking him questions. Lynch had a timer on his phone for how long he had to be there and once it ran out he immediately got up and left. The way that Lynch handled himself today was the most childish, unprofessional way to act I have ever seen from a 28 year old man. I don’t care what the NFL says about how long you have to speak to the media, and how much you hate public speaking, have some integrity and respect. The way that Lynch has acted about the media, recently and in the past, would make me, if I were a coach in the NFL, not want him on my roster. I would not want someone like him to represent my team if I were a fan of that team or a coach. Lynch will more than likely not change in his ways, but I hope he comes to the realization that if he doesn’t act in a respectful way, he will be out of a job REAL quick.


  1. Lynch was hired to run the football and score, not to be politically correct on media day. You may not want him on your team, but until you own one, that is a mute point. The folks in Seattle love him and don’t share one of your thoughts about Lynch. I am a Raider fan first and a Seahawk fan second. I watch Seattle to see them play football, nothing more and nothing less. In the Western Word, Mike talks about Belichick liking puppets, so if you like puppets you can bond with that part of him! Mike called for him to be suspended, but he met his contractual obligations. All Lynch has to do is what he is asked by the Seahawks and NFL and when his career is over I don’t think he will have any regregrets but he will have at least one Super Bowl ring and maybe more, Sunday will tell. As far as the Raiders are concerned, we will take him with open arms…that was Al Davis’s way! By the way we have 3 SB trophies!

    One last note, Lynch is from the East Bay and would love to go home…Just Win Baby!


  2. I have yet to hear a local Seahawk fan or any Seahawk fan that your position…so it is hard for me to agree with the statement he is upsetting the people who pay his checks, Seattle ownership, management, coaches and fans really don’t care…sure there are some but the majority like him for what he does on the field…Beast Mode!


    • Thanks for you comments Barry!! I love hearing both sides of the story to keep things interesting! But I enjoyed have Beast Mode on my fantasy team this year! Hope I can get your follow to keep up with my posts and keep commenting away!!!


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