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Marshawn Lynch: Incompetent or Intelligent?

Marshawn Lynch has emphatically overwhelmed the sports world with his famous words, “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” This phrase, which was said an astounding 29 times in yesterdays press conference, has over taken all conversation at home, work, and in the media. Lynch is infamous for his short, unsatisfying press conferences and a man of few words, or a man who just says the same 7 words 29 times.

Today speculations are being thrown around that he will get fined for his attire he had on instead of his few choice words. He wore a “Beast Mode” hat to his press conference yesterday and today, instead of his licensed hat he is supposed to wear. Lynch will more than likely be fined for the hat because the NFL is no stranger with Lynch when it comes to fines.

But these past two days really raise some questions about how Lynch has been acting toward the media. Is he doing this to get attention for himself or is it to draw attention away from the Patriots “Deflate-Gate”? Or is he truly just that ignorant in how he acts?

Personally, I think that Lynch knows exactly what he is doing and what he has been doing for the past two days. Lynch has single handedly taken all the attention from ALL sources of media, not just the sports world, and has refocused it on himself. We have shifted from talking about the Patriots for the past week, to one single line that Lynch said repetitively yesterday. He also introduced a new line today, “You know why I’m here.” Lynch has given the media two single lines and that’s it, yet it has snowballed into the biggest Super Bowl topic of discussion.

Lynch knows what he is trying to do, which is draw attention away from the Patriots, but the way in which he is doing it is the most pompous, arrogant way anyone could.


  1. Neither response to your question would be accurate to describe Lynch. He has been a man of few words in Seattle, not sure how he was in Buffalo….he is certainly not incompetent because he won’t answer a question like “What is your favorite stuffed animal?” as asked of Coach Belichick. I am sure he is intelligent in his ability to play football. Maybe you should consider him for being Marshawn and meeting his contractual obligations and nothing more but playing football. It is easy for you to bitch at him for not being just like every other player is…maybe you should ask the Seattle fans what they think. As a Northwest fan of the Hawks, I have never heard one person in voice or on Facebook complain about The Beast and his few words. We just want to watch him play football and truly defalte the Pats on the field…isn’t that what it is all about?


  2. Interesting perspective on this. I must agree with Vincent above though. I don’t really think he is attempting to draw attention away from the Patriots, but I’m wondering if he will feed off this negativity in the Superbowl, just like the Patriots will attempt to feed off there’s.

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