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J.J. Watt for MVP

J.J. Watt has had one of the best seasons by a defensive player in NFL history. Watt has had an astounding 4 touchdowns. FOUR TOUCHDOWNS!!! 3 of which have been receiving touchdowns. Watt also added 20.5 sacks, 78 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, a safety, and an 80 yard pick six that he turned on the jets and outran everyone. Watt is a beast on the field and a great role model off of it.

Watt was the most disruptive player on the field in 2014 and if you don’t think so, prove me wrong. Almost every snap he was double even triple teamed because Watt made them pay in one on one situations.

The last defensive player to win the NFL MVP was the Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor in 1986. The majority of the MVP’s since then have been quarterbacks. The quarterback position gets so much attention and hype because they are “the field general”. They are accredited with the wins and losses and goods and bads, so I understand why they get all the praise when they succeed.

However, how often do you get a defensive mastermind like Watt who can dominate the entire field and make an offense change their game plan solely to stop him? These players come once in a generation and Watt is most definitely that player.

Unfortunately, Watt will not win the MVP because he isn’t a quarterback and that’s the cold, hard truth. Fans praise offense because it brings excitement to the game and money to the league, but when a man can reek havoc like Watt can THAT deserves more praise then a gunslinging QB.

I think that Aaron Rodgers will win because of his position, but he did have an outstanding season, not trying to take anything away from Rodgers’ amazing season. But Watt was just so unbelievable this year that he deserves some praise for his efforts.


  1. The scales are always tipped toward the offense and to the quarterback…he takes the heat when they lose and gets the glory when they win. Watt did have a awesome year and deserves consideration. Paying in the AFC South is a detriment to him.

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  2. Well, the reason the scales are always tipped towards the quarterback is because they are clearly more important. I love J.J. Watt, how could anyone not. He’s the best defensive player I’ve seen in the last decade. But, even with his historic season, the Texans are still not a playoff team. Rodgers is more valuable.

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