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Kyrie Irving Drops 55 Against Portland Without LeBron, Extends Win Streak to 8

The Cleveland Cavaliers slid past the Portland Trail Blazers with a 99-94 victory in Cleveland. Kyrie Irving hit a Cavs record 11 3-point field goals. Irving set a career high for points scored, and he set the record for most points scored at Quicken Loans Arena, previously 52 held by Allen Iverson. Irving hit the game winning 3-point shot with only 6.4 ticks remaining in the game. He then rebound a 3-point shot missed by Damian Lillard and was fouled with 2.1 seconds left and sunk both free throws to cement the victory.

The Cavaliers have been under scrutiny all season long because of LeBron’s “return”. The Cavs have won 8 straight games and are starting to look like a playoff contender. Portland has the second best record in the Western conference, and the Cavs beat them without James. If this victory isn’t enough to show that they are playoff ready, then I’m not sure what will convince the skeptics.

I think that the Cavaliers are in great shape to make a strong run in the playoffs because its only January. We still have 3 months until the playoffs!!!! Why is everyone making such a big deal about the Cavaliers’ playoff chances when its only JANUARY?!?!?!?!? I get that the media needs to make stories about whatever they can get their hands on but its a bit ridiculous to be placing such pressure on a young team that is only a little over the half way point in the season.

If the Cavs want to give the media something to write about and their playoff run possibilities, go sign Ray Allen. Ray Allen would be a perfect fit for the Cavs. I honestly think that if the Cavs want to make a run in the regular season to get the top seed in the east and make a solid playoff run, the addition of Ray Allen would be perfect.

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