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Penguins Send Goc to Blues for Lapierre

The Pittsburgh Penguins and St. Louis Blues swapped players Wednesday evening. The Penguins sent Marcel Goc to the Blues in return for Maxim Lapierre. The two players are almost identical in the stat column, so one may ask, why would the Penguins or the Blues trade their guys? Well for the Penguins it was simple, they wanted a tenacious, hard-hitter who was able to be clutch when they need him to be. Lapierre brings those qualities of a big-hitter and a clutch player.

Lapierre has been clutch in the playoffs. In 2010 he scored 2 goals in the Montreal Canadians upset of the then defending Stanley Cup champions Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins haven’t been the same since that huge upset that sent them packing. Lapierre also had clutch goals in the Vancouver game 5 victory over the Bruins in 2011.

Lapierre brings a Zac Rinaldo tenacity which can be a good thing and obviously a bad. Lapierre as had spurts of Rinaldo-like moments (hitting defenseless players from behind into the boards), but overall he can control the Hulk that is inside him. The Penguins are missing someone that can spark a blaze from physical play, and Lapierre brings exactly that.

The Penguins need someone to come and light a fire in them. If the Penguins can get Lapierre to be his usual physical self, then the Penguins will have a weapon that they didn’t have, someone willing to get their hands dirty. Once the Pens get Crosby and Geno back, they will get some mojo going, and hopefully they catch fire at the right time.


  1. The Pens looked horrible last night even with Lapierre. I am not sure of how much impact this guy can have because the Pens seem to have much deeper problems than just needing an enforcer. I am beginning to wonder if Johnston is the right coach for this team?


    • Yeah they sure did stink it up. I think that the Pens will be fine in terms of making the playoffs, but how deep of a playoff run they can have I’m not sure. It is only Johnston’s first year and you can’t judge a coach not even through a full season of play.


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