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Pittsburgh Possible Super Bowl Destination!

There has only been one outdoor, northern Super Bowl ever, which was Super Bowl XLIII (48) in New York. Super Bowls are meant to be played in warm weather or indoor stadiums. If I was a fan paying hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to watch the Super Bowl, I would want to be in a warm place and not freeze to death. The NFL has been trying to branch out to northern cities to get them some attention, which means they are trying to be nice and give them some money. Northern football teams get gypped when it comes to Super Bowl publicity, but no one wants to freeze to death while they spend thousands to watch the game.

Dan Rooney, chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers, said that he thinks “it [the Super Bowl] should happen [in Pittsburgh].” Rooney also says that “some of our people have talked to some of the leagues people”, about hosting a Super Bowl in the Steel city. Heinz field is expanding its capacity to 67,440, which would increase its chances of getting the Super Bowl played there. However, only 3 games have been played in front of a crowd of less than 70,000 people.

The only way Pittsburgh would win the bid is because of our Super Bowl winning tradition. Our 6 Lombardi trophies may just draw the attention of the league to bring it to Pittsburgh. I think it would be pretty awesome to host a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh just for the atmosphere it would bring to the city. I just think it will be hard to convince the league to bring the Super Bowl to a cold weather city again, but if they can convince them I think that Pittsburgh would be a premiere destination for the biggest sporting event of the year.


  1. Based on the majority of your reasoning, Seattle may be the best northern city to hold a Super Bowl. With local businesses like Microsoft, Starbucks and There is plenty to do indoors and out. The Seahawks stadium already holds 67,000 and the weather in February is typically decent. Tomorrow it will be 49 degrees with a chance of rain. No snow or bitter cold. And after tomorrow the Seahawks could be holding their second Lombardi trophy! It’s not 6 but by the time their turn comes up to hold the game, they could have 3 or 4! So go Seahawks and unleash the Beast!


  2. I don’t like the idea of Northern cities hosting an outdoor Super Bowl either. The issue in my opinion is the NFL opened “Pandora’s Box” by giving New York the Super Bowl last year. it is just like the little kid saying, “he got too, why can’t I”? The biggest reason Pittsburgh would get the nod over Seattle or any other northern city with an outdoor stadium is because of the Rooney’s. The Rooney’s wield a mighty stick in the NFL. Who else (Rooney Rule) has a rule named after them?

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