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Johnny Rehab

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel announced today that he is entering rehab for his off the field issues. These off the field issues cost him the final game in the 2014 season against Baltimore. Manziel didn’t show up for the Browns walk-through that Saturday morning before the flight to Baltimore. The Browns benched him and even fined him for missing this and missing his hamstring treatment.

Johnny Football was drafted 22nd overall in the 2014 draft by the Cleveland Browns. His stock dropped dramatically during the evaluation process this time last year, and the Browns “lucked out” being able to get him that late in the 1st round. But did they really “luck out” drafting Manziel??

I would not have drafted Manziel if I was a general manager or head coach because of his off the field issues. I wouldn’t want someone like this representing my organization because he is extremely arrogant and conceited. I think that Manziel will get another chance with the Browns but I give him 3 more seasons before he is out of the league because of his off the field problems.

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