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Best Regular Season Quarterback and Best Postseason Quarterback

Fans and coaches rejoice with regular season success, but they lament post season failure. Regular season success is never bad, but winning Super Bowls is what gets you cemented into greatness in Canton. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are two of the greatest quarterbacks of our time and of all time. They have led great teams to that coveted promise land: a Super Bowl victory. Tom Brady has been to 6 Super Bowls, tied for the most by a single player, and Peyton Manning has been to 3.

Tom Brady has had success in the regular season year after year. In his career he is 4,551 of 7,168, which is a 63.5% completion percentage. He has 53,258 yards in his career, and he has 392 touchdowns with a 95.9% quarterback rating. Brady has asserted his dominance from the regular season into the postseason year after year.

Peyton Manning has even better numbers than Brady has in the regular season. Manning is 5,927 of 9,049 for a completion percentage of 65.5%. Manning also has 69,691 yards and 530 touchdowns. His overall quarterback rating is 97.5%. Manning is a man you can always rely on for fantasy success, but he just can’t seem to bring what he brings in the regular season into the postseason.

Brady is definitely one of the best quarterbacks in the postseason ever. He has a 21-8 record along with 7,345 yards, 53 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions. His quarterback rating is 88.5 for those 29 playoff games. Brady has 4 Super Bowl rings and 3 Super Bowl MVPs. Brady has brought his A-game in the postseason, and he has made the plays he has needed to make to win. Brady is tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for 4 Super Bowl rings.

Bradshaw doesn’t get enough credit for what he did when he did it. He didn’t have a coach calling plays for him, he did it himself. He was playing in a time where defenses could maul receivers all down the field until 1978. He won all 4 Super Bowl in 6 years. If that isn’t the most impressive thing you’ve seen, I don’t know what is.

Manning has had a lesser playoff career compared to Brady. Manning only has 1 Super Bowl ring and is 1-2 in Super Bowls. He has 6800 passing yards and a 63.9% completion percentage. He also has 38 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. He has a 88.5% quarterback rating in the postseason. Manning has choked when the pressure is at its highest point.

The debate will rage on whether Brady is better than Manning or if Manning is better than Brady. Personally I would rather have Brady because of his postseason success. Brady has 4 Super Bowl rings. FOUR!!! that is insane. The man is a playoff winning machine! Manning chokes when the stakes are high and Brady excels!


  1. I voted for Brady because of his post season success. Caleb, I do agree with the argument of what Bradshaw did, especially considering cornerbacks could bump a receiver ANYWHERE on the field until the ball was thrown. I wonder how many people realize this? So, just some food for thought. Who would have been the better quarterback BEFORE they took away the bump & run? Maybe Manning? Here are 2 other tidbits. How much better would Bradshaw had done if he played by the same rules as Montana, Brady & Manning? As well how would Peyton Manning had fared had he played for New England instead of Brady? That is why regardless, it is still subjective! The last time I checked, only 1 team was voted the #1 NFL franchise of all time, & the only 1 with 6 Super Bowl Titles. THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS šŸ™‚

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