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Syracuse Self-Imposes Postseason Ban

The Syracuse men’s basketball team has self-imposed a postseason ban this season due to an ongoing NCAA investigation into some potential past infractions by some players on the team. This ban will include the NCAA tournament, the ACC tournament, and NIT. The ACC tournament will involve 14 teams instead of 15, and all the teams behind Syracuse will move up 1 seed when the tournament begins. Syracuse will still be used for any tiebreakers that are needed for the ACC tournament to determine seeding.

Jim Boeheim said, “I am very disappointed that our basketball team will miss the opportunity to play in the postseason this year, however i supported this decision and I believe the University is doing the right thing by acknowledging that past mistakes occurred.” Boeheim said this in a news issue released by Syracuse.

Former center Fab Melo was declared ineligible for the NCAA tournament just days before it began in 2012-2013 due to academic issues. He also missed 3 key Big East games previously in the season. Early in the same season forward James Southerland sat out 6 games also due to academic reasons, but eventually helped lead the team to the Final Four that season.

Syracuse appeared before the NCAA infractions committee this past October.

A few current players on the team also stated in the news issued by the University that they were disappointed that they were being punished for something that didn’t even involve them. I think its a little unfair to the current players to pay for former players transgressions, but the University didn’t go about some things the right way so they have to punished.

It will be interesting to see how the players and coaches finish out their 15-7 season. Will they finish out strong like they were going to the postseason, or will they give up and not care?


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