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Adrian Peterson Fighting For Reinstatement

On Friday afternoon Adrian Peterson went to a court hearing in Minnesota for his immediate reinstatement into the NFL, just blocks away from the Vikings new stadium that is being built and will open in 2016. The Judge for the case is U.S. District Judge David S. Doty. The attorney for the NFL is Daniel Nash, and Adrian Peterson’s attorney from the NFLPA is Jeffrey Kessler.

The NFLPA and Kessler argued that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acted outside of his authority when Goodell suspended Peterson until at least April 15 back in November. He suspended Peterson for an incident in May where Peterson beat his 4-year-old son with a switch. Harold Henderson, a longtime NFL executive, upheld Peterson’s suspension, but the NFLPA objected to his ruling because they said he was biased in favor of the NFL.

Kessler also argued that Peterson shouldn’t be punished under the new NFL Personal Conduct Policy that was implemented in August for a crime he committed in May. The new policy increased punishment for domestic violence cases against players giving Goodell the authority to hand down any punishment he wanted to. The process that Kessler was referring to was an “Ex Post Facto Law”, which is when a new law prohibits a certain action, and a person committed that action before the law was established and they are tried for the crime under the new law even though there wasn’t a law prohibiting that action when it was committed. No “Ex Post Facto Law” is one of our 3 guaranteed rights written in the Constitution before the Bill of Rights was amended.

NFL Executive Troy Vincent believed that Peterson would only get a maximum of a 2 game suspension because he believed that the new conduct policy didn’t apply to him, due to the fact that it was created after he committed his crime. The NFLPA noted this in their defense against the NFL.

Nash argued that their was no discrepancy why they were there because Peterson abused his son, and Nash wants Peterson to face punishment for the crime. Nash also said that under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement the commissioner, Roger Goodell in this case, has the right to hand down any punishment he sees fit.

U.S. District Judge David S. Doty ruled that there will be no set time table for the decision to be made on Peterson’s reinstatement.

Once Peterson is reinstated into the league, whenever that may be, the Vikings will have an extremely interesting decision to make on whether or not to keep him or get rid of him. Peterson said to the media today after the court hearing when asked if he wanted to play in Minnesota he said, “Of Course.” I think that Minnesota would be crazy not to keep Adrian Peterson because he is still the beast he used to be even at the age of 30.

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