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Adam Silver To Change Playoff Structure?

The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been talking of shaking up the 16 team playoff structure by throwing out the conferences and just adding the 16 teams with the best records. The plan would allow for the 6 division winners, 3 divisions per conference, to automatically receive a playoff berth. The remaining 10 spots would be filled by the teams with the best records. This plan would eliminate all the conference affiliations in the playoffs, and it would make it just a 16 team playoff bracket.

Another thing that has been talked about has been making the first round of the playoffs best of 5 instead of best of 7. I am 100% in favor of this because it gives players a sense of urgency to win. It also gives players less games to play, so less wear and tear to their bodies. I would love to see this happen in the next couple of years.

As for the new playoff format, I’m not sure how the NBA Owners will receive this. Silver has to get their approval first before trying to make any changes to things. He also has to talk with the league’s Competition Committee to amend the changes.

Personally, I love the idea because then we wouldn’t see any sub-500 teams in the playoffs. Currently Charlotte(22-27) and Miami(21-28) hold the last 2 playoff spots in the East, and New Orleans (26-23) and Oklahoma City(25-24) are the last 2 out in the West. In the new playoff format, Charlotte and Miami would be out and New Orleans and Oklahoma City would be in. I am in favor of having the best 16 teams because it gives the game more excitement and will bring in more revenue. Knowing Silver, he will make the changes to make the first round only best of 5 and the new 16 team playoff format to become a reality.

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