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Does Kentucky Have The X-Factor To Go Undefeated This Year?

The Kentucky Wildcats are a perfect 23-0, 10-0 in SEC play. The big question that is on the minds of college basketball followers: Can UK go undefeated and win the National Championship? This amazing feat hasn’t been done since the 1976 Indiana team, coached by Bob Knight. But is this the year that it will happen? I believe it will come to pass because Kentucky has the X-Factor that no one else has.

Kentucky is one of the best teams right now because they play as a team. There isn’t that one guy who hogs the ball all the time, but instead they know how and, more importantly, when to spread the basketball around. Aaron Harrison leads the team in scoring, averaging 11.5 PPG(Points Per Game). Devin Booker is second in scoring with 10.7 PPG. Willie Cauley-Stein leads the team with 6.3 RPG(Rebounds Per Game), Karl-Anthony Towns is just just behind at 6.2 RPG. As you can see, they don’t have a guy who head and shoulders above the rest. It seems as though every game a different player rises to the occasion to carry the team to a victory. Another major contributing factor to their success is their defense.

The Wildcats average a +4.2 turnover margin, which means that their opponents turn the ball over 4.2 more times per game than they do. They also average, as a team, 7.0 blocks a game. Karl-Anthony Towns leads the team with 2.3 BPG. They hold their opponents to only 51.5 points per game. They don’t have an outstanding offense, but defense wins championships. If Kentucky can keep playing insane defense then they will win it all.

Kentucky has one of the most talented rosters in the nation, which is a major part of their success. However, Kentucky has an X-Factor that no other team possesses: Coach Cal. Coach John Calipari is a Pittsburgh native who is by far one of the best coaches at the Collegiate level. Kentucky does have fantastic talent, but coach Cal brings a cohesive bond to the team. He requires a certain level of respect from his players and the players bring that required level of teachability and respect. His players are so good because they are teachable. Without that characteristic, no player can get better. especially under Cal’s system.

Coach Cal is going to lead this Kentucky team to an undefeated season this year because of how superb he is as a coach. There is no team that can match what Kentucky brings in the SEC. They shouldn’t have any trouble with the remainder of the SEC schedule and the SEC Tournament. Kentucky will either go undefeated, or they will lose in the tournament because only a few teams can challenge Kentucky. I believe that Duke is the only team that has a legitimate shot to upset the Wildcats, but I still believe that Kentucky will win it all because of how superior Coach Cal is.

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