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Sabermetrics And Baseball

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Pittsburgh PiratesBaseball season is quickly approaching, so I thought I would take some time to talk about Sabermetrics. I will refer to Sabermetrics once baseball season begins, and I wanted to give just a little background on it so you could understand the basis of it. Sabermetrics is a type of statistical analysis that is used to determine a players value and worth to a team. The stats go much more in depth than just BA(Batting Average), RBI(Runs Batted In), or SLG(Slugging %). This statistical analysis can provide teams with multiple probabilities, like where a player will hit a ball or when to take a pitcher out of a game.

All of the old school baseball purists didn’t want to embrace the realm of Sabermetrics because it wasn’t how things had been done. Teams didn’t trust that numbers would help them win games. One of the first teams to fully utilize this system was the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates use this system in 3 major aspects of the game: Scouting, Statistics, and Business. They use this for scouting to see if a players Sabermetric stats will help out the team. They also use it for their opponents to see where each player will likely hit the ball, and the Pirates will play the shift to better position their players to make a play. The Pirates used the shift more than almost every team in the majors last season. They also use it to determine a players monetary worth based on their production and value to the team.

Just a few of the components of Sabermetrics that are most used are OBS (On-Base Plus Slugging), WAR (Wins Above Replacement), and RC (Runs Created).


OBS is one of the major stats that teams use to determine a players offensive success. This statistic combines on base percentage with slugging percentage to give a more accurate assessment of a players success at the plate. This assessment is out of 1.000. Andrew McCutchen’s OBS from last season was .952, which was one of the best in the majors last year.


WAR is an interesting stat because It is used to sum up a players total contributions to their team. It shows how many more wins that a team has because of that player, but if that player was replaced then the team would have those wins.


Runs Created measures how many runs a player is responsible for based on how many singles, doubles, triples, home runs, and walks a player had that season. This stat is far more accurate to how much a player actually does for a team. For example, Andrew McCutchen had 83 RBI’s in 2014, but his RC was 130. That is a 47 run difference. While he may not have hit those runs in, he created scoring opportunities for others to capitalize on.

Let me know if you have any questions about Sabermetrics!!

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