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Top four seeds in NCAA Tournament

March Madness has arrived!!! My personal favorite time of the year is here, which means that the whole bracket is filled out. The top 4 seeds are Kentucky, Villanova, Duke, and Wisconsin. A couple weeks ago I had predicted my top 4 seeds for the tournament and I had 3 out of the 4 seeds correct. I had Virginia instead of Villanova as a top seed in the tournament.

The Kentucky Wildcats have been granted the top seed in the tournament and they are 34-0 entering the tournament. They are chasing perfection, which hasn’t been achieved since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. The Wildcats are the most talented team and the most dangerous. Kentucky is by far the favorite to win it all, and I would have to agree because I don’t think that anyone can upset them except for Duke and Wisconsin. I think Kentucky will reach 40-0 and complete the perfect season.

The Villanova Wildcats are the second overall seed. Villanova won the Big East tournament over Xavier easily. Villanova has not been on people’s radars all season long because people have discounted how solid the Big East is. The Big East may not be the best conference in basketball, but they are probably the most consistent conference throughout. Villanova will make it to the Elite 8 at best, but they will not pose a threat to the other Wildcats of Kentucky.

The Duke Blue Devils did not even make it to the ACC Championship, but they were still given a top seed. This Duke team poses the biggest threat to Kentucky because of one factor: Jahlil Okafor. Okafor is a monster, and he is only a freshman. Okafor can match up with the Kentucky big men. Duke will have a fairly easy road to the Final Four, but they will face some tests on the way there. I look for Duke to make it to the Final Four, and make it to the championship game against Kentucky.

The Wisconsin Badgers have the best player in the country in Frank Kaminsky. The Badgers won the Big 10 tournament by the skin of their teeth in overtime. The Badgers are going to pose the second biggest threat to Kentucky because of Kaminsky. I think that Wisconsin will make it to the Final Four and play against Kentucky. They will give Kentucky a run for their money, but I just don’t think that Wisconsin has the depth and talent that the Kentucky Wildcats have.


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