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LeBron James passes Patrick Ewing for 20th on the all-time scoring list

LeBron James moved up another rung on the all-time scoring ladder. James is now ranked 20th all-time in scoring with 24,816 points.

James hit a shot in the first quarter against the Miami Heat on Thursday night, passing New York Knick great Patrick Ewing. LeBron James is having a historic season, in that he is moving up the all-time scoring ranks. James had surpassed Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, and Ray Allen prior to passing Ewing Thursday.

James is having one of his best seasons, and is up for MVP once again. Stephen Curry and James Harden are overshadowing James mainly because everyone wants something new. James isn’t as appealing because he is having one of his usual, outstanding seasons, and people want to see something that they haven’t seen before. For me, James is second in my MVP voting behind Curry just because James’ numbers are down and Curry is leading the Warriors to the best record in the NBA.

Jerry West is up next for James to surpass at 25,192 points.


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