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How Dwyane Wade’s injury effects Heat

The Miami Heat were obliterated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland on Thursday night 114-88. The Heat were in the game until they lost their engine, Dwyane Wade. In the second quarter, Wade was driving to the right side of the basket when his knee seemed to buckle and Wade nearly did the splits. Wade dropped the ball, rolled over onto his back, and he grabbed his left knee. His teammates helped him hobble off of the court and into the locker room.

The Miami medical staff looked at him and said that it was only a bruise on his left knee, nothing else. Wade and the Heat were relieved the hear that news. Wade said to reporters last night after the game, “When you go down like that, I couldn’t bust into a split, I’m not that flexible. I knew I was in trouble on my way down.” Wade will remain questionable for Miami’s game on Saturday.

The Miami Heat are currently tied with the Brooklyn Nets for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The Heat are fighting for their playoff hopes right now, and they are without their best player. If Wade cannot go Saturday or Sunday, the Heat’s playoff hopes might be extinguished because Wade is their engine, and a vehicle can’t run without its engine.


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