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Paul George’s return: Smart or Foolish?

The Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George plans to make his return on Easter Sunday against the Miami Heat. The Pacers are in the middle of fighting for their playoff lives. The Pacers are only a game and a half back of the Miami Heat, who hold the 8th and final seed in the Eastern Conference.

The Pacers only have 6 games left, and they finish out their season against the Thunder, Wizards, and Grizzlies. The Pacers are going to have to win out to have a chance at making the playoffs, but I honestly don’t think that the Pacers will be able to beat the Thunder and the Grizzlies because they just don’t have enough offensive firepower to do so. With George coming back, they will have more firepower, but he has been out of basketball for 8 months. I am unsure as to how he will perform coming back off of his leg injury.

Now the bigger question here is, are the Pacers doing the smart or foolish thing by letting George play with only 6 games remaining in the season? I think that this move is smart only if Paul George is 100% healthy. George can help this team make the playoffs, but if the Pacers don’t beat the Heat, their playoff chances are basically extinguished. If the Pacers lose to the Heat, they need to limit George’s minutes to ensure that he stays healthy. It is also a good thing for him to get some competitive action in before the season ends to get him ready for next season.


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