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Kevin Love dislocates shoulder on “Bush-League” play

Kevin Love gets tangled up with Kelly Olynyk and dislocates shoulder.

Kevin Love gets tangled up with Kelly Olynyk and dislocates shoulder.

Boston Celtics center Kelly Olynyk said that all of the claims that said he intentionally injured Love are “ridiculous.” Olynyk has also said he has tried to contact Cleveland’s forward, Kevin Love.

Kevin Love and Kelly Olynyk got tangled up after going for a loose ball, and Olynyk pulled Love’s arm back, which caused it to dislocate. Olynyk was called for a loose ball foul on the play. After the play happened, Love sprinted to the locker room to get it put back in place.

Love is reportedly out for at least two weeks with this injury, per Brian Windhorst.

Love said after the game, “I thought it was a bush-league play. Olynyk was in a compromising position, had no chance to get the ball, and it’s just too bad that he would go to those lengths to take somebody out of the game and do that to someone. I have no doubt in my mind that he did that on purpose.”

Olynyk countered that statement saying, “I would never intentionally hurt Kevin or anyone else. He locked my arm up, I locked up his as we were fighting for a loose ball. You lock up arms all the time in this league.”

Now, whether or not Olynyk did this on purpose is up for interpretation, but Olynyk was in a compromising position. He had two arms locked around Love’s arm and he pulled back. Either way, this injury is going to be a major loss for the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers now lose the ability to spread the floor with Love being sidelined. Love gave the Cavaliers the ability to take outside shots or to attack the paint. The Cavaliers are going to have to get production from Tristan Thompson to try to replace Love’s production, but I think that they will be able to survive for one more round without Love in the lineup.

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