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Should the Cleveland Browns Trade to the No. 2 pick?

Should the Titans trade the No. 2 overall pick to the Cleveland Browns and miss out on drafting Oregon's Marcus Mariota?

Should the Titans trade the No. 2 overall pick to the Cleveland Browns and miss out on drafting Oregon’s Marcus Mariota?

It has been reported that the Cleveland Browns have offered the Tennessee Titans two first-round picks in the 2015 NFL draft for the Titans No. 2 overall pick. It is speculated that the Browns are after Marcus Mariota. The Browns currently hold the No. 12 and No. 19 picks in the first-round, but is it worth giving up those picks to take a chance on Mariota? Are they just telling Johnny Manziel to take a hike?

Well, I think that this move wouldn’t be a bad trade for the Browns, but the Browns don’t need to keep drafting quarterbacks. They are one of the most indecisive franchises in all of major sports. The Titans need to see how bad the Browns want Mariota. If the Titans get a sweet enough deal then I say take the deal because we all saw how the RGIII trade turned out for both the Rams and Redskins. The Rams got the bulk of their core players from that 2011 trade for RGIII, and the Redskins have made the playoffs once. It was a great move by the Rams organization, and it has set a precedent to show what teams have to give up in order to get a top 5 picks.

The Johnny Manziel experience seems to be coming to a close if this deal goes through because what team trades away 4 or 5 draft picks for a player to just sit that player on the bench?? Exactly, no one does! The Browns seem to be over the Manziel stunts that he tends to pull. Do I think Manziel has a place in the NFL? Yes and no. If Manziel can get his act together, he can be a solid backup quarterback, but I do not ever see Manziel becoming a full-time starting quarterback.

The Browns need to answer this questions before making any trade to get Mariota: Is Marcus Mariota worth trading away the potential core players of your franchise?

The Titans need to answer this: Is this trade worth getting core players of your franchise to give up Mariota?

Depending on how each organization answers these questions, it will determine if this deal will be finalized or not. If the deal is sweet enough, the Titans need to take the deal!

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