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Kyle Korver Out Means Cavaliers In


The Atlanta Hawks received the unfortunate news that Kyle Korver is out for the remainder of the playoffs due a severe ankle sprain. Korver is going to see a foot and ankle specialist to determine what the best course of action is for his rehabilitation.

Korver injured his ankle in the third quarter of game 2 in a losing effort to the Cavaliers  when Matthew Dellavedova rolled up Korver’s ankle going for a loose ball.

This injury has crippled the Atlanta Hawks’ chances of beating the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are also depleted with injuries with Kevin Love being out for the postseason, and Kyrie Irving being questionable for game 3 with his knee injury. The biggest difference between these two teams: LeBron James. The Cavaliers have a player that can carry their ball club when they need him to. The Hawks lack that player, which has hindered their playoff success.

James has resurrected players like Smith, Shumpert, and Dellavedova who were playing lackadaisically and lazily on their former teams, and are now playing aggressive and thriving in Cleveland. Their success is attributed to LeBron James because he brings out the best in every single player on that team.

This series is basically over because the Hawks have lost their primary outside shooter. The Cavaliers can now spread their defense out and force the Hawks to drive down the lane into Cleveland’s big men. The Hawks are meant to play a passing game, but the Cavaliers are making them become a one-on-one team, which has limited Atlanta’s success.

This injury has allowed the Cavaliers to have the option to rest Kyrie Irving for over two weeks before The Finals begin on June 4th. Irving isn’t necessarily needed because the Cavaliers have proven that they can beat the Hawks without him. It is always a plus when you have one of your superstars playing, but it is more important for him to get fully rested because Irving’s teammates are going to be able to handle the Hawks for two games at the Q.

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