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Pittsburgh Pirates beat Philadelphia Phillies 1-0 in 11 innings


The Pittsburgh Pirates have completed the sweep of their cross-state rivals the Philadelphia Phillies, while racking up their fourth consecutive victory.

The Pirates have won three of those four games in shut out fashion. This is also the second time in three days that the Pirates and Phillies went to extras without scoring a run through nine innings.

Today A.J. Burnett pitched nine shutout innings, while fanning four batters and lowering one of the lowest National League ERA’s to 1.89. Burnett deserved a win in the win column, but I am sure that he is just happy that the team won the game.

Burnett was able to throw nine innings of shutout baseball because he only struck out four batters. He didn’t go deep into every batter’s count, but, instead, forced them into pounding the ball into the dirt. Burnett has mastered the art of the groundnut, which is how he has been able to keep pitching into his late 30’s

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Photo: Pittsburgh Pirates

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