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Twitter reacts: Logan Couture calls Sidney Crosby a ‘cheater’

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The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the San Jose Sharks 2-1 in overtime in game two of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday night. Conor Sheary was the hero with his snipe through Justin Braun’s legs, over Martin Jones’ left shoulder to become the first rookie to score an overtime goal in a Stanley Cup Final game since 1986.

After the game, Sharks defenseman Logan Couture addressed Sidney Crosby’s face-off win that led to Sheary’s game-winner in overtime.

“He cheats,” Couture said. “He gets away with that. He’s Sidney Crosby. He times them and yet [the refs] don’t kick him out for some reason; probably because of who he is.”

Couture called Crosby a cheater, and Penguins fans took to Twitter to bash Couture and his spiteful words about Crosby.

Here are some of the best tweets that were produced bashing Couture’s accusation of Crosby.

If you notice, all of these tweets are things that normal human beings receive because, after watching the replay of Crosby winning the face-off, Crosby is a normal hockey player who doesn’t seem to be cheating. I realize my opinion may seem one-sided because I’m a Penguins fan, but Couture said that Crosby ‘times’ when the puck drops.

Wait, wait, wait. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? I’m pretty sure Couture times when the ref is going to drop the puck just the same as Crosby does. The whole point of winning a face-off is to be quicker than your opponent and time when the ref is going to drop the puck.

Anytime Crosby is attacked, his brotherhood of Penguins comes to his aid. The Penguins already have a 2-0 series lead, but with angry Penguins coming into their building, the Sharks may not record a win in their first ever Stanley Cup Final.

But I don’t think the Sharks can overcome this massive deficit. I think the Penguins win this series in five games.

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